Een initiële lijst die jou of jouw groep kan helpen inspireren.

  • Trekking NO greenpass – Italy
    We are Italian and Swiss, we are walking companions, we are for freedom of choice, we are the ones who never give up, we are the ones who hug!
  • Jongeren voor Vrijheid – Netherlands
  • Radio Como International – Italy
    Free radio!
  • Feel Free To Come Closer – Netherlands
    Feel free to come closer is a club of freedom fighters who want to connect people.
  • Keuze Vrij bij Mij – Netherlands
    Keuze Vrij Bij Mij is committed to a society in which everyone is always welcome. Where you have and keep free choice over your body and health. And where we always keep our doors open for each other.
  • The Big Reset Movie – Spain
    The uncensored documentary about the truth of the pandemic.
  • Comicost – Italy
    Comitato per le libertà costituzionali

European-wijde initiatieven

  • Children’s Health Defense Europe – the famous foundation fo Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  • Europeans United – Regain our Freedom together
  • Europe United – Join our fight against the GREAT RESET, the corona policy and the power of the bureaucrats!
  • Europa · is a Community! – independent European Platform that strongly supports Europa as a Community for, by and from the people as was its original intention, instead of some Union for markets, banks and speculators it became.