“For us, responsible leaders who care about our citizens and our democracy, there is much work to be done.” These are the words Justin Trudeau uttered before the European Parliament on Wednesday. The Canadian prime minister spoke about protecting democracy and the dangers of populism, while he himself is increasingly accused of authoritarianism and totalitarianism. European Parliamentarians Mislav Kolakušić and Christine Anderson were not amused by the Canadian’s appearance: “It’s a disgrace. Spare us your presence.”

Trudeau’s speech in which he spoke of “the rise of cynical populists who exploit fear in uncertain times,” Putin’s attack on democracy” and “the work that needs to be done to save democracy,” did not sit well with all politicians. For them, the prime minister’s plea for democracy is hypocritical given the developments of the last two years in Canada. The controversial reaction from the government to “The Freedom Caravan” early this year has only increased their distrust. Croatian politician and former judge Mislav Kolakušić vehemently countered the Canadian’s words, “Canada has become a symbol of human rights violations in recent months. The methods we have witnessed you may call liberal but for many citizens worldwide they fit a dictatorship of the worst kind.”


Christine Anderson, German delegate of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) roasted Trudeau like Kolakusic. “Mr. Trudeau, you are a disgrace to democracy. (…) a prime minister who openly expresses admiration for China’s ‘basic dictatorship,’ who crushes fundamental rights by persecuting and criminalizing citizens… citizens who are portrayed as terrorists. Just because they have the courage to stand up to its perverted idea of democracy… This man should not be speaking here at all.” Below is Anderson’s contribution -which she herself describes as “an appropriate welcome” and “straight to the point. Below that again, Trudeau’s entire speech from last Wednesday can be viewed back.



Trudeau, when he took office as prime minister in 2015, was known as a man who valued inclusiveness, diversity and respect. Every citizen was equal and deserved equal treatment, regardless of cultural background, religion, color or sexual orientation. Moreover, Canada’s native people would finally get the respect they deserved, and the suffering done to them would have a place. However, the image of a progressive prime minister with ditto policy is rapidly crumbling.

The corona policy in the vast country was very strict. Many people felt that they were being deprived of freedoms more than necessary. The government’s action against participants and sympathizers of the recent “Freedom Caravan” was enough for many people: what they saw as a peaceful and legitimate protest was brutally suppressed. The emergency law that the prime minister then brought out of the closet went beyond all limits for critics. Critical followers believe that tolerance and equal rights for all only apply as long as they are in line with what Trudeau and his political associates want.
Power Grab

Since 2019, Trudeau has led a minority government. In 2021, early elections were called in the hope of a majority (which would promote the implementation of policies), but once again failed. Indeed, in absolute terms, the Conservative Party is larger. With about 32 percent of the vote, the Liberal Party of the current political leader is the least popular governing party ever in Canadian parliamentary history. Following a political agreement in March 2022 between the Liberals and the opposition left-wing New Democratic Party (NPD), the Conservative Party is talking about a power grab.

The ties between Trudeau and his government on the one hand, and the World Economic Forum on the other – Klaus Schwab: “Half of Canada’s cabinet was once a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum”- are also causing bad blood among people who feel they are being ruled by a group of people who are not there for the people but serve a globalist agenda.

Translated from cafeweltschmerz.nl

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