Italy elections 2022 – perhaps a turnaround for Italy and an example for Europa thanks to the new PRO-constitutional parties? (IT►EN/ES/NL)

Italy has elections on September 25, 2022.
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Elections as a planned surprise?

It all happened very suddenly and unexpectedly. Or was it actually planned in this way?
In mid-July, Prime Minister Draghi announces his intention to resign. This was initially not accepted by President Mattarella, who passed the problem on to parliament. Draghi does let it be known that he will only stay if he is promised “full power”. But our unelected banker does not find enough support for his “pieni poteri” so the government falls and elections are called, on July 21 for September 25. To top it off, by the way, Draghi does stand for election again…


Mission impossible for the new pro-constitution parties?

In the corridors it was already secretly expected/hoped for that Draghi would resign, but the estimates were September-October, not right before Italy’s vacational high season (fer-agosto). This in particular has led many to suspect that it was actually planned that way. Italy has never had elections in September, precisely because the vacations of practically the entire population in August were taken into account. In this case they were not.

As in all countries, numerous groups, movements and germs for political parties have emerged in Italy in the course of the two years of this covid scenario, which were now unexpectedly put to the test. In order to be able to participate in national elections, a new party should first collect enough signatures: 75,000 at the national level with a minimum of 750 per constituency. These numbers suddenly had to be reached between August 1 and the deadline of August 22, 20:00. So coincidentally exactly when most Italians “aren’t there”…. By the way, also coincidental that at the end of May a regulation was made so that Draghi’s (also new) party does not have to comply with it.

It seemed mission impossible for these new pro-constitution parties, of which initially there were about some 20, but they pretty quickly regrouped into the final six who were going to officially try to collect those thousands of signatures physically on the spot in three weeks, with no pre-existing organization or structure (here suddenly doing it virtually was not good enough anymore), while the vast majority of Italians are precisely NOT on their spot.

Yet, as lawyer Polacco convincedly states in the video, “they miscalculated, because even at fer-agosto people are lined up to sign”. And indeed, in the end four parties made it. The three from the video: Italexit, Italia Sovrana e Popolare and Vita. And the fourth being Alternativa per l’Italia.


“Pro-constitution” parties?

These new parties are being framed by the Italian media apparatus as “anti-sistema,” when the reality (as is almost always the case nowadays, unfortunately) is completely the contrary. All the groups and movements that these parties were eventually built from all shared, without exception, one fundamental demand: respect the Constitution and Human Rights. This is exactly what the ruling parties (and often even opposition) in Italy and many other countries have NOT done. In fact it is they who should be called anti-system or more precisely anti-constitution. As a form of counter-framing, these new parties have every right and reason to be called pro-constitution.


A turnaround and example for the rest of Europa?

The fact that these pro-constitution parties have been able to collect the thousands of required signatures in such a short time, under the most adverse conditions and against all odds, may be a signal that they could also be able to achieve unexpected results in the real elections and possibly turn things around.
If that happens, precisely in Italy, the country that first had the European leading role of the whole covid narrative and that many believe also has for The Great Reset and Agenda 2030, it will be a wonderful example and stimulus for all pro-constitution movements all over Europe and any possible next elections.


“The Big Reset” (ES►EN/ES/IT/NL)

Short Spanish documentary (20 min.) from the beginning of the Covid narrative that even then explained what is really behind it. Recently a longer, updated version was made to issue right in cinema theaters, although initially only in Spain.
(Subtitles can be changed from the cogwheel,)

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