2) The Great FREEset

What Reset? FREEset!
Some say that Covid is an opportunity for a “Great Reset
so they can “Build Back Better“.
In reality it’s the chance for a Great FREEset
allowing us to then Build Back Brighter.

The Great FREEset
The Great FREEset

This Great FREEset will unavoidably happen, because more and more people are waking up, including doctors, lawyers, judges and even some politicians and journalists. This is going so fast that the critical mass that is needed to set ourselfs FREE will soon be reached. That is why they are desperately trying to accelerate everything and putting on more pressure. But this leads to so many mistakes that it will become impossible to cover it all up or to silence everybody.

Just one simple example was the case of Novan Djokovic in the Australian ‘Open’, which in fact turned out to be CLOSED! Instead of just being the winning heroe of this annual tennis tournament again, he turned into Serbia’s latest national heroe.

Novak Djokovic for Freedom of Choice. This case shows that the Australian ‘Open’ is in reality an Australian CLOSED!


  • Pandemic and vaccine hoaxes?
    The Spanish Flu and PolioFears about pandemics are essentially based on the two largest and most cited “pandemics” of the past century: the Spanish Flu and Polio. In addition, the latter also triggered misplaced confidence in the “vacine miracle”. Below you, in chronological order, an alternative view of these two alleged pandemics and of the …
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    “The real problem is conformism!” – Prof. Garello. Humans are in the first place biological beings and only in the second place social beings.
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    Cratesiology Course – Understanding the Manipulation of the Masses and the world you’re living in. Sciences of power, manipulation and propaganda of the masses.
  • Outright Censorship
    The US applies and allows it’s mega-corporations to apply unrestricted censorship to anything that does not comply with their views and standards.
  • The Grand Jury – Reiner Fuellmich e.a.
    The Grand Jury – Reiner Fuellmich e.a. | World’s governments have come under the controlling influence of corrupt and criminal power structures.
  • Links on the fight for justice
    Links to external articles on the fight for justice in defense of human and constitutional rights against dictatorial measures with Covid as lame excuse.
  • Thousand Lawyers and the new Neurenberg (IT)
    A Thousand Lawyers for the Constitution is the main front in Italy, risen already in March 2020, against this health dictatorship, which consistently conducts the battle for truth and for our freedom.Our newsletter involves several organizations: Forza del Popolo, Mille Avvocati per la Costituzione, Mille Medici per la Costituzione, Scuola per la Costituzione, Il Corriere …
  • QR-People
    This “Great Reset” is totally based on all of us being turned into QR-people. Now, in the still ongoing era of the induced Covid paranoia it’s the so-called ‘green’ pass, the Covid passport or, indeed, the QR pass. This is still an external ‘thing’, just an app on your cell phone which they can easily …
  • Crimes against humanity of Big Pharma & Co.
    Covid-19: Pharmaceutical giants, Gates, Fauci, UK officials accused of crimes against humanity in International Criminal Court complaint
  • University professors against the ‘green’ pass – a few articles (IT)
    In the university world, it is not only students who defend fundamental human rights, which include Freedom of Choice, but also their professors. In fact, in Italy more than a thousand. External articles, links open in a new window.
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The first WHO false pandemic in 2009, the Swine Flu (N1H1), could only be declared after WHO adjusted the definition to its convenience.
This Spanish report on WHO's false swine flu pandemic of 2009 looks at the lobby by big pharma and the lawsuit by Wolfgang Wodarg.
The Italian report on the 2009 WHO swine flu pandemic scam - how it was planned and executed. At the end a jump to Bill Gates and also a link to Covid-19.
The UN and WHO have been taken over by large international organizations that enjoy some sort of diplomatic immunity.
Vera Sharav provides a detailed account of the true events that caused the "Spanish flu" and draws chilling parallels to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The often blind faith in vaccines is strong based upon the double polio-myth. The myth of the disease itself and the even greater myth of the healing vaccine...
The science of power, propaganda and manipulation of the masses, Cratesiology, is a tool to learn how to dismantle conspiracies and understand how the mechanisms of power work.
Trudeau's call for democracy roasted in the European Parliament: 'Your methods fit a dictatorship of the worst kind'.
Julian Assange 2011 - War is a result of media lies. Populations must be fooled into wars.
The real problem is conformism!" - Prof. Garello (on mass manipulation and more references.
Prof. Lorenzo Maria Pacini, introduces the topic with some insights to the understanding of Mass Manipulation.
Presentation of PurplePower before Prof. Pacini's introduction (IT) to [...]
How Eugenics, Transhumanism, population control and selection has reached (y)our days from at least the time of the English colonial empire all through WW1, WW2 and the recent 'pandemic'
A great motivational speech about the techniques of manipulation and propaganda of the masses, but also about taking back our own freedom, proposing a Great FREEset instead of the Great Reset.
To avoid a sex scandal of the president eleven days before the election, the White House staff invents and "produces" a war that does not exist...
Their Great Reset for corporations could well turn into our Great FREEset for the people instead, which actually could lead to Make Europe a Community Again. And this time maybe even for real.
Matt le Tissier's view on the alarming increase in the number of professional athletes suffering from cardiac arrest and other serious health complications.

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