Here you will find freely available material that you can use for yourself, your group or at an event.
So the cards are in your hands. Don’t hesitate, now PLAY!

  • Print, produce, use, display and spread the Purple spirit of FREEDOM of CHOICE.
    (you can think of this page and this material as the Purple spirit in slogans)
  • Post your pictures here and share them on social media to get more people involved.
  • You’ll find more material under download
    (one central place for all languages. Your inspiration is welcome)

Order buttons for your group

So you and your group can express the Purple spirit. Wherever and whenever you want! No need to wait for a manifestation or fear any fine.
It’s peaceful with impact!
10 people with a button every day on the same train or in the same supermarket bring about more than those same people once a week/month at a manifestation.
We have to focus not only on our own inner circle, but certainly on the world around us. The media cannot censor person to person communication and politicians cannot prevent it.

  • Order buttons for you and your group.
    Download and use the design (for 38 mm) and the explanation leaflet (EN, ES, IT, NL – 8 units on A4)
  • Wear them always to spread the spirit.
    This way you can recognize others and they can recognize you to make contact and connect.
  • Make pictures of your group while wearing them, to share them here and on social media. Or with (one of) the banners (see below) showing your city and country to boost the rest of Europa too!
  • You can order your buttons here (just an example – about 50 Euros for the first 100)

For posters, banners, stickers…

If you prefer (easier, faster, cheaper) you can also produce your own posters, banners, stickers and so on, using the graphical material below.

PURPLE is the new “green”

Because in this era of the “new normal”
in which everything has become absurd, “green” has been instrumentalized and definitions have been changing randomly according to their convenience…
WE can also define that from now on
Purple is the new “green”


PURPLE is the new “green”

FREEDOM is the new Power

Freedom is not only a right, it is a Power!
You were born free, the constitution guarantees your freedom and human society cannot reach its true splendor if you are not really free.

Choose to be free, choose to have Power.


FREEDOM is the new POWER


There is freedom
· of speech
· of movement
· of choice

So why not freedom of HUG too? 🙂
It is the ultimate manifestation of Freedom of Expression.


of course WE CAN

Someone once told us “Yes we can”…
as if we needed a permission of some kind.
But nobody has to tell us anything,
of course WE CAN!


The Great FREEset

Not some “Reset” they planned for us, but our own FREEset!
A great opportunity to make things work the right way: transparent, honest and just. Simply eliminating corruption would be a great step.

More on Zhee Ggeat Geset, as pronounced by it’s inventor:
The Big RESET movie 1 (ES►EN/ES/IT/NL 20min.)
The “New Normal” (EN►EN/ES/IT/NL 52 min.)
More related videos most subtitled EN/ES/IT/NL


The Great FREEset

Build Back Brighter

“Brighter” as in
– with more light, more clear
– smarter, more intelligent, wiser
Many people and groups have already started initiatives to work towards that eternal dream of humanity, a better world. And…
of course WE CAN!


More material (will be put) under a central download page
(all languages together. Your inspiration is welcome)

So the cards are in your hands. Now PLAY!