First criminal charge against Pfizer in Italy

During a live broadcast of July 13, the national secretary of Italexit, Gianluigi Paragone, together with lawyer Perillo, a member of the legal team of Danni Collaterali, an association that collects testimonies about side effects, presented the legal act with which they are bringing criminal charges against Pfizer. “To the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the …

Dutch farmers protest against forced expropriation.

The #Dutch farmers are angry because new government policy means many farmers will be expropriated. Today, July 4, 2022 the farmers have begun to massively blockade the country. #boereninopstand #boerenopstand #nederlandinverzet #iksteunONZEboeren (twitter)

Pandemic and vaccine hoaxes?

The Spanish Flu and PolioFears about pandemics are essentially based on the two largest and most cited “pandemics” of the past century: the Spanish Flu and Polio. In addition, the latter also triggered misplaced confidence in the “vacine miracle”. Below you, in chronological order, an alternative view of these two alleged pandemics and of the …

Outright Censorship

The US applies and allows it’s mega-corporations to apply unrestricted censorship to anything that does not comply with their views and standards.

Freedom of Choice! A professor on hunger strike, another reinvents university and a student shares his experience at the demonstration | PurplePodcast 4

Prof. Mauro Tassi told about his participation in a chain of hunger strikes for a Free Education (article in EN – video and links in IT) and several more actions he is involved in. (min. 10:25 IT►EN)Prof. Pacini joined us for a second time to tell some more about the project for a Free Supranational …