Presentation of PurplePower before Prof. Pacini’s introduction (IT) to the course on Mass Manipulation or Cratesiology. For better understanding of the topic some references below.

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EN Subtitles of the video

So, here we have a group of students…
and we have a group of…

– Ex students!
– Ex students.

We have professors.

We have people who bring a drink.
and people who are smiling.

So, I’ll explain why we are here
and what PurplePower is to begin with.

The original idea of PurplePower was simply
having a shared universal symbol…

for all people and groups who are
in favor of Freedom of Choice (and HUG!).

(to be more visible and stronger
each individually and thus all as a whole)

I have been waiting for a year…

thinking that someone
at some point would do this,

but nobody did,
so I just decided to do it myself.

It’s not an idea just for here in Italy,
but something to be…

– Worldwide!
– Well, at least European.

Personally I am very European,

I was born in Milan, grew up in Holland
and have lived in Spain.

And if something like this
is achieved in Europa…

I believe, it would expand
to the rest of the world automatically.

So, I made a site where the graphics
are available for all to download…

and use it to make,
for example, these buttons…

with the idea for the people
to be self-sufficient…

and make their own banners
for demonstrations and the like.

I see it (the buttons) as something
you can carry around at any moment…

so the symbol is exposed to everyone
(supermarket, train, etc.)

not just within a circle of people
who have the same mindset already.

This was the starting point,
the basic idea.

From there we jumped to the idea
that one of the most important groups,

since ever but maybe even more
in current times,

one of the most interested
and active groups are the students.

So we started to connect with students
not just…

With the same European idea,
so not just here in Italy…

but in four occasions
we also have had ‘meetings’…

(and here I have to thank Leo and Riccardo
who have participated)

so meetings, through a small radio station
with live broadcasts and podcasts,

talking with students from
Holland, Lithuania, Austria…

now expecting people from France.

And so trying to unite European students
among each other.

There are already
many movements doing this,

but we are happy
to add our grain of sand.

Then, in one of the meetings we jumped
from students also to professors.

Because it’s really about
the university as a whole…

which historically have brought about
revolutions or changes in society.

And the first professor we had the honor
to have, was Lorenzo Maria Pacini.

In that occasion we focused
on another topic he is engaged in,

which is a supra-national university
that’s not under national rules…

and thus can be truly free.

But then this other topic emerged of

It took me about a week
to master the word.

And it would be more “marketable”
if it simply was called,

(as someone suggested)
“Manipulation of the Masses”.

And since this topic is so current
the idea came up of offering a course on this subject.

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