This “Great Reset” is totally based on all of us being turned into QR-people.

Now, in the still ongoing era of the induced Covid paranoia it’s the so-called ‘green’ pass, the Covid passport or, indeed, the QR pass. This is still an external ‘thing’, just an app on your cell phone which they can easily ‘sell’ to the people thanks to the Covid-paranoia they have created. In fact, they have even achieved that some people want it!

The next step is to have people accepting a digital ID to be put under their skin, so they can follow and control you even better. And, if we let them, they could propably achieve that people will be wanting that too. Most surely those people might as well get a QR-code tatoed on their forehead and they wouldn’t even mind…

The WEF and the rest of the global elite consider this Great Reset for them as the final step of their plans.

However, we are going to turn it into a Great FREEset for us instead!
That this Great FREEset will occur is more than obvious, because unavoidably more and more people are waking up, including doctors, lawyers, judges and even some politicians and journalists. This is going so fast that the critical mass that is needed to set ourselfs FREE will soon be reached. That is why they are desperately trying to accelerate everything and putting on more pressure. But this leads to so many mistakes that it will become impossible to cover it all up or to silence everybody.

So as Kennedy wisely said in three words, what we must do is: Resist, Resist, Resist!

Just three wise words from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. "Resist. Resist. Resist."
Which companies facilitate this passport? What else do these companies do? Who are their partners and backers?

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