During a live broadcast of July 13, the national secretary of Italexit, Gianluigi Paragone, together with lawyer Perillo, a member of the legal team of Danni Collaterali, an association that collects testimonies about side effects, presented the legal act with which they are bringing criminal charges against Pfizer. “To the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Rome, act of indictment with request for preventive seizure,” reads the introduction to the important document, which follows the request for access to the acts and the parliamentary question sought by the Italexit leader.

“We are the first to have done so,” Paragone says in the video, exposing the long series of contradictions and lies that the Italian government has expertly spread over the past two and a half years. Today, however, we must take into account a series of court rulings and, above all, data showing that things are not going so well,” said the senator.

Why we are suing Pfizer criminally

Attorney Perillo explained further reasons for the indictment and the requests to the prosecution regarding the pharmaceutical giant: “We decided to file this complaint because we have not received a response to our requests. There are now at least a dozen regions where the courts have issued a ruling supporting the contention that the vaccination requirement may be illegal,” Perillo said. Just yesterday, the court in Florence issued a very important ruling (video with Renate Holzeisen – IT), explicitly stating that vaccines affect human DNA. Given also the many side effects we see, we need to understand more about this”.

Research on product safety

The lawyer went on to explain that: “After the various rulings of the administrative courts, we have now decided that the case should be brought to the attention of a criminal court. We demand an investigation into the manufacturer, i.e. the Italian and foreign company that distributes these products, in order to clarify exactly what kind of products are involved.” This is a complaint formalized through article 443 of the Penal Code, which in this case relates to crimes of danger. It involves determining whether the product marketed is actually dangerous or not, and whether there are elements to keeping a substance on the market that, apart from the huge business it has meant for Big Pharma, may have had adverse effects on those who received it.

Clarity is needed

The Constitutional Court will rule on compulsory vaccination in Italy at the end of November. Should it issue a positive opinion and thus consider the obligation legitimate, the state would at that point be obliged to market products certified as absolutely safe. Gianluigi Paragone and attorney Perillo point out that their criminal complaint against Pfizer seeks to shed light on precisely that. The text also asks for clarification on a number of other points, including the re-labeling of defective or expired products. This can in fact be authorized by just a simple note from the Ministry of Health without actually checking the state of the serum.

An act in defense of the people

“We have asked for scientific evidence of what is claimed daily by some virologists, namely that the current vaccine is also considered effective against the predominant variants. Evidence that should be provided by the government, through our previous requests to AIFA (Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco, the national authority responsible for the regulation of medicines in Italy – under the Ministry of Health as well as that of Economic Affairs), to which we never received an answer,” Perillo said. Gianlugi Paragone then signed the document on camera and announced it would be submitted on July 14. The Italexit leader concluded with: “It is an act in defense of the people.

Source: Il Paragone (13/07/2022)


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