Understanding the Manipulation of the Masses.

Cratesiology is the science of power, manipulation and propaganda of the masses.
This course will be presented by Prof. Lorenzo Maria Pacini

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The science of power, propaganda and manipulation of the masses, Cratesiology, is a tool to learn how to dismantle conspiracies and understand how the mechanisms of power work.
Prof. Lorenzo Maria Pacini, introduces the topic with some insights to the understanding of Mass Manipulation.

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Subject: Cratesiology (Sciences of power, manipulation and propaganda of the masses)
Target audience: internal and external students, professionals, interested parties
Subject matter: philosophy, law, psychology, sociology, anthropology, pedagogy, neuroscience, communication sciences, political science, economics, journalism
Duration: 30 hours
Credits: pending evaluation.

Responsible: Prof. Lorenzo Maria Pacini, UniDolomiti of Belluno and Libera Accademia degli Studi of Bellinzona – Institute of Dynamic Neuroscience Erich Fromm INDEF

Lorenzo Maria Pacini
a Firenzea Ferrara

Explanation: the course aims to illustrate, in detail and with examples and exercises, the communication techniques aimed at propaganda, manipulation, conditioning and subjugation of people and masses by individuals, groups or institutions of power, drawing on knowledge from the social sciences, political science, communication science and neuroscience. At the end, students will be able to understand, interpret and put into practice the main theories and techniques, declining them according to their studies or profession. All this will take place through an experiential and laboratory, with active reflection and critical method.

Mode: dynamic and participatory lectures, in which students will be asked to actively participate. Each topic can be internalized, so as not to let the concepts remain to themselves, but produce a change in the lives of learners. Each day of the course will include an experiential and laboratory part, in which we will (de)build together models, cases and events. There will also be a space for sharing and deepening, even personal according to the availability of the teacher and the organization.

Cratesiology Course Program

Thursday, day 1- Power and Freedom
Introduction to the course. The interdisciplinary approach. Brief history of communication. Philosophy as applied to cratesiology. Political and cultural views. Basic concepts and definitions.
Elements of communication and social psychology. Cognitive, emotional, and developmental aspects. Clinical psychology and research applied to cratesiology.

Friday, day 2 – Man and Society
Elements of sociology of communication and masses. Mass communication: theories and models. Short- and long-term effects of mass communication.
Elements of social and cultural anthropology and pedagogy of the masses. Cultural and educational modifications. Generational transition and revolutions.

Saturday, Day 3 – Money and Technology
The contribution of neuroscience and economics: neuromarketing, advertising and business communication, media planning. Globalization and changing market scenarios. Communicational geopolitics.
Principles of linguistics and neurolinguistics: theories and models. The reprogramming on short and long term.

Sunday morning, day 4 – The Laws of Evil
Building communication: techniques and models. Journalism between truth and fake news. Digitalization, computer algorithmics, social networks and digital transition.
The 11 techniques of propaganda: principle of simplification and the single enemy, principle of contagion, principle of transposition, principle of exaggeration and deformation, principle of vulgarization, principle of orchestration, principle of renewal, principle of verisimilitude, principle of silence, principle of transfusion, principle of unanimity.

Knowledge integrated into the whole – Law and Morality
Legal profiles on cratesioligical theories and techniques. Relationship to rights and duties, national legal system, international law. Lawfulness, legitimacy, limits.
Ethical profiles of cratesiology.

Montecatini Terme, 23 February 2022

Prof. Lorenzo Maria Pacini

PurplePower strongly believes that in current times this knowledge is not a mere whim or just for grabbing some university credits or to be ‘cool’. It’s a fundamental basis for understanding and recognizing the influence and impact of the media, not just today or in recent years but, in fact, for most of you since you were born!
It really is about really understanding the world that surrounds us.

Only when you recognize the propaganda and manipulation, you can decide to do something about it. The fact that a great majority today is happy to still walk around with masks (here in Milan at least), to get ‘vaccinated’ and even to submit to control passports (green, QR, Covid…) is a scary sign of how many people are not aware of this manipulation.

If we really want to turn this Great Reset of theirs in a Great FREEset for us we need much more people to be aware and I believe this course will help empower us to spread that awareness better.

A great motivational speech about the techniques of manipulation and propaganda of the masses, but also about taking back our own freedom, proposing a Great FREEset instead of the Great Reset.
Lorenzo Maria Pacini (philosophy teacher) - NO PAURA DAY 3 - Ferrara September 18, 2021