“The real problem is conformism!” – Prof. Garello (Purple podcast 5)

“The real problem is conformism!”
Prof. Paolo Garello on social conditioning and mass manipulation (introduction video).

The real problem is conformism!" - Prof. Garello (on mass manipulation and more references.

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A synthesis of social psychology studies of the 50s will be represented with the aim of
demonstrating that conformism, or rather the full adherence to social identity, is always the
presupposition to any form of despotic government.

Prof. Garello sustains the fact that humans are in the first place biological beings and only in the second place social beings.

If it wasn’t for the fact that many (most) people have forgotten or don’t “feel” anymore that, in reality, they are basically biological beings… then the whole aparatus of propaganda and manipulation would not even work! Because that is for the greatest part a social thing based on thoughts like:
– “what will others think of me…”
– “I better be a good citizen”
– “If I comply I get my social life back”
– “they will love or appreciate me more…”

So, the awareness about being biological could be of great help towards being less influenced by propaganda and manipulation.