Another kind of university? Supranational and free! | PurplePodcast 3 (EN)

PurplePower aims to bring together and connect any Initiative for Freedom, but especially between students/young people in Europa. In collaboration with ComiCost, the Comittee of italian Lawyers for Constitutional Freedom, we organize podcast meetings at Como Radio International.

It was ‘crowded’ for this third PurplePodcast 11/02/2022 with Leo and Riccardo in the studio, Isa from Holland ‘as always’, also Ruth from Lituania repeated and new, from Austria, Ben and Christoph of Studenten Stehen Auf.

And, very special, for the first time also a professor, Lorenzo Maria Pacini, who also signed the call of over a thousand italian university professors. He informed us about a great project for a supranational university, which would not be bound by national laws and thus could be truly free from government restrictions.
(Edit: after this meeting we started a collaboration with prof. Pacini to organize a 4 days course in his specialty: Cratesiology, the science of Mass Manipulation.)

Leo and Riccardo anounced the student manifestation in Milan on saturday 19/02/2022.

00:00 – Introduction
09:30 – Prof. Pacini explains the Free Supranational University Project
19:40 – Question and observations round
54:00 – Leonardo anounces the student protest in Milan at 19/02/2022

Prof. Pacini explained that in essence education should be focussed on the students own wishes and innate abilites (also known as “talent”) instead of trying to match a student into some box that is prefabricated by authorities or a dominating system. In one of the earliest and probably most watched TED talks, Sir Ken Robinson wonders in a quite comparible way “Do schools kill creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.