Purple is the new ‘green’

In this era of the “new normal”
Purple is the new ‘green’.

The original, authentic Green used to be nice and beautiful when it was still really about protecting nature, the climate and our planet. Everything that was “green” became popular, fashionable and sometimes even a hype. There was nothing wrong with that, until…

until ‘green’ also turned into huge market opportunities for big industry and a matter of great influence in politics. As a result, ‘green’ unfortunately became rotten, corrupted and instrumentalized by parties who have no real “green” intentions whatsoever and only use the term because it is popular and sounds so nice. The most recent example is the so-called ‘green’ pass in some countries, which has anything but anything to do with green.

In this era of a “new normal”, proclaimed by those same parties, in which everything is already absurd and they themselves do nothing but redefine long-standing definitions according to their own interests, it seems legitimate to use a different color to counter this false “new green”. And purple seems just the right color for it.
Even nature itself seems to suggest it.