Prof. Mauro Tassi told about his participation in a chain of hunger strikes for a Free Education (article in EN – video and links in IT) and several more actions he is involved in. (min. 10:25 IT►EN)
Prof. Pacini joined us for a second time to tell some more about the project for a Free Supranational University. (min. 28:15 EN)
It was great to have these two initiatives in defense of FREE(dom) Education side by side and even have the professors exchange some ideas (min. 43:15 IT).
Leonardo looked back on his experience of the students’ demonstration last Saturday (Prof. Tassi also took part), which started out very nice and peacefully but sadly was disturbed by unproportionate and quite violent action by people in uniform. (min. 53:30 IT)
We add the link to the form provided by ComiCost for those who want to report an assault.

We started the meeting in english as always, but when Christof from Austria left due to an issue in the audio connection we skipped to italian, because this time there were no further participants from other countries. Amedeo and Jacopo from Torino joined in for the first time but unfortunately only got a short chance to speak towards the end (59:15 e 1:13:20 IT) . We’ll compensate for that next time guys!

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