The pointless tyranny of Italy’s ‘green’ (Covid) pass

Even foreign media is greatly aware of Italy’s extreme, absurd and, indeed, pointless ‘green’ pass regime and the associated restrictions and punishments that range from fines when you don’t comply with the non-constitutional rulings or be treated violently by the regime’s assault squad (the good old time of police for protecting people has long gone…) when you peacefully exercise your right to demonstrate against it. This was exactly the case at the end of a small, peaceful student-demonstration in Milan on saturday 19 february 2022.

Instead of allowing the students to just finish off their march, which would have taken no more than half an hour, this esquadron decided to block them in a street for two hours without any apparent reason, other than to intimidate and show brute force even when the demonstration was actually already dissolving.

The day after, on sunday 20 february 2022 the Spectator dedicates an article to the pointlessness of Italy’s ‘green’ pass and the tyranny of this non-elected ex-banker who was made priminister of the country.

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