Freedom of Choice! A professor on hunger strike, another reinvents university and a student shares his experience at the demonstration | PurplePodcast 4

Prof. Mauro Tassi told about his participation in a chain of hunger strikes for a Free Education (article in EN – video and links in IT) and several more actions he is involved in. (min. 10:25 IT►EN)Prof. Pacini joined us for a second time to tell some more about the project for a Free Supranational …

Thousand Lawyers and the new Neurenberg (IT)

A Thousand Lawyers for the Constitution is the main front in Italy, risen already in March 2020, against this health dictatorship, which consistently conducts the battle for truth and for our freedom.Our newsletter involves several organizations: Forza del Popolo, Mille Avvocati per la Costituzione, Mille Medici per la Costituzione, Scuola per la Costituzione, Il Corriere …

Youth for Freedom initiative (NL)

Our specialty is short podcasts between 5 and 10 minutes to inform and inspire young people.
And we also support young people when they want to speak out about the current situation.