One Spirit, One symbol!

PurplePower’s main idea is the use of one universal and shared symbol for all groups and persons who favor Freedom of Choice. Not to replace existing symbols, but to join to them and unite them.

This way there is one symbol that represents the Spirit of all the thousands of groups that have one shared basic idea, but are so fragmented that they have no strength. We are convinced that simply uniting them under one shared symbol will give much more visibility and strength to each individually and thus to all of us as a whole.

PurplePower was there!

A HUG is the most significant manifestation of Freedom Of Expression, the most important right protected by Human Rights and Constitutions. In short, our most important human freedom. More meaningful and profound than words, because it is the direct expression of our emotions. And people are none other than emotion.

No true and transparent democracy would ever imagine restricting this right, only dictatorships would. Strangely enough, we are seeing so-called democratic governments actually no longer respect Human Rights, Constitutional Rights or any citizen’s right whatsoever. It’s especially sad to see how Europa slipped from democracy to dictatorship in such a short time…

We will have to unite to take Freedom and Democracy back ourselves, bottom up. PurplePower believes that using, showing and sharing one same symbol makes a good start. And that a HUG in a Heart makes a good symbol. It is free to use for yourself and your group(s).
So, the cards are in (y)our hands, now play!join our telegram channel

PurplePower at your disposal

On this site you find material at your disposal for you or your group to print, to show, to share, to express yourself and spread the spirit of fundamental human freedom:
· of speech
· of movement
· of choice
· of HUG!

Express yourself and spread the spirit!

About us

Basically, YOU are us.

A growing number of people are becoming increasingly critical of the extreme restrictions imposed by governments all over the world that go straight against common sense, constitutional rights, human freedoms and true democracy.

Initially, many of us have felt alone, isolated or weird, but then we found support in on line groups.
Now, it ‘s time to also be able to recognize and start knowing each other off line, out on the street, in the train, in parks, in shops to unite also in real life and possibly discover how many we really are.

With a shared symbol we are collectively and openly expressing our support for Freedom of Choice.


PurplePower puts the symbol at your disposal from which you can print your own bannenrs, posters, stickers or order buttons for you and your group.
It will also be great to see your own inspirations and creations and we invite you to share your Freedom of HUG! photos that you take with your group, at events or any other situation.

Express yourself and spread the Spirit!

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