PurplePower aims to bring together and connect European Initiatives for Freedom. In collaboration with ComiCost, the Comittee of italian Lawyers for Constitutional Freedom, a first podcast was held at Como Radio International.

The main idea is to connect and unite students/young people across Europe to team up to feel less alone and stronger.
Three basic issues on which to exchange experiences, observations and inspirations:
1 – how are you doing as a no-green-pass person?
2 – what can we actively do to accelerate the process of getting out of this mess.
3 – and what can we do so that it can then be rebuilt towards a more honest, just and humane society
and possibly additional issues of actuality, emergence and of course also some fun.

In this PurplePodcast Isa of Jongeren voor Vrijheid (Young people for Freedom) from the Netherlands meets with Leo and Jack from la Politecnica and la Statale universities.

(If time allows a summary with captions will be provided.)

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