January 5, 2022: and the obligation arrived…

We are the student assembly of Milan Against the ‘Green’ Pass, and we invite everyone to a new, general, mobilization on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19 or support us with your likes on Facebook 🙏🏻💜

We have been saying since the beginning of this persecutory and fallacious policy that the Green Pass is a political tool, not a health tool, far from the purposes of actually containing the Covid 19 pandemic. In recent months we have seen our assumptions about the future be confirmed by the facts, our fears come true, and our freedom be crushed without any shame. After the wave of demonstrations that involved Milan in the autumn months, with the big strike of October 15, which saw the participation of 30 thousand people including workers and students, our square was repressed.

Rains of fines and DASPOs* and, from November 10 (Directive of the Ministry of Interior on the conduct of protests against the health measures in place) a deployment of police never seen before, in Piazza Duomo, and all the streets of the city, have blocked us. The excuse: that the curve of contagions was rising because of us.
*Daspo (from D.A.SPO., acronym of Divieto di Accedere alle manifestazioni SPOrtive) is a measure provided for by Italian law in order to prevent violent aggression in the places of sporting events, now also applied in other contexts.

Today, the scapegoat mechanism put in place by the government 2 months ago appears in all its clarity only as a hypocritical attempt to hinder us, an attempt that however worked. In the meantime, while the protest has suffered a setback, the inefficiency of the blackmailing policies put in place has been confirmed, and even more abominable and senseless decrees of law have been passed than before, almost reaching a dystopian situation, unthinkable even only 2 years ago.

Despite this, we are still here, perhaps even more convinced than before, and we have seen that we are not alone. That’s why we want to make a new big call to Milan, because the showcase-city par excellence, of stores, shopping and hypocrisy, has shown that it can also be the bastion of every revolt and resistance, as it was in the last century, which is why it has received a thrashing as it has not seen for a long time. We want to revive it with all its strength, as the enormous sounding board of popular demands that it is capable of being.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19, we take to the streets because we want:

the abolition of the Green Pass, degenerated into its paranoid and anti-scientific form of the Super Green Pass from December 15, 2021, and today, January 5, 2022, into the obligation at work. We want other methods of (true) prevention to be considered.

the serious acknowledgement of the need to rethink the health care structure of our country, where there are regions where the number of places in intensive care is so low that it is practically always a constant danger, even before the Covid 19 pandemic.

The resignation of government politicians who in recent months have proven to be totally incompetent, or evidently servants of other interests, certainly not at the service of the population of which they are representatives (Letta, Brunetta, Speranza, Giorgetti, Di Maio); as well as the self-styled CTS. Finally, a government finally elected: we can no longer of technical governments. The "draghistan", the last of these, must end.

The immediate exit from the State of Emergency, an emergency kept alive after 2 years by those who profit from it. If this made sense 2 years ago, now it only serves to implement highly unconstitutional policies.

A plural information, of opinion, not a hammering propaganda that sounds in unison. These months have brought to light the terrifying news lobby, which flattens the debate and, by censoring, seriously damages freedom of expression in our country.

It is necessary not to be locked up in our homes, to continue to be together and get hold of our city again. The social network that is being created in these months has provided many moments of exceptional sociability, of genuine confrontation and theoretical development. This is the basis of a true democracy.

The decree of a few hours ago on the extension of the Super Green Pass at work for the “over 50”, active since FEBRUARY 15, is in fact an obligation. It was hard to believe the approval of many decrees passed so far. But this one surpasses them all.

Universities are beginning to hear the DAD alarm ringing. We were the first affected by the restrictions, and we will fight to stay in attendance until the end. Schools and universities are our world, our job.

To answer our call, and get the info. on the time and route of the demonstration, write us that your group will be there at: studenticontroilgp.mi@logorroici.org.

Above all, we need your adhesions, for the protest to happen!

-Students Against GP Milan (January 5, 2022)

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