As Kennedy says, Italy is on the frontline of the European Covid “green”-pass social experimentation. Now there is not only a “normal ‘green’ pass” but also a “SUPER ‘green’ pass” (doesn’t it just sound more and more llke bad publicity?). And also fines for people over 50 that have not been jabbed. Whatever happens here that they can get away with, will soon come to other European countries too… But if Italy can be saved, other countries can be too.
So let’s go for it! of course WE CAN!

A few weeks later, this video has been answered by Lithuanian students with another video!

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Student movement TSS gathered in front of the embassy of Italy in Vilnius to express their support and solidarity for students and all people in Italy (IT►LT/EN/ES/IT/NL)


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Italy is turning into a sanitary regime. We make our plea to all of you to stand up for democracy and freedom of choice, against vaccine coercion and discriminations based upon individual decisions about personal health

We decided to make this video, hoping for international support and solidarity, we are constricted both physically and mentally and we are not the only ones in the world. We want you to know that you are not alone and that we are willing to fight side by side with you, with all the other countries that are willing to change the current situation in order to create a better world. We are no longer the happy and democratic land that our politicians and media are trying to depict with their false narrative. Italy is now a country where any kind of freedom and human rights are ceasing to exist. Day by day, Italy is becoming a truly authoritarian and apartheid-based sanitary regime, led by a powerful and self-assertive Prime minister, who can act without any real scrutiny, limitation or accountability. The system of check and balances among the three powers has been sabotaged by Mario Draghi, who nullified the primacy of the Parliament, by overthrowing its established role as the lawmaker entity of this country. Such a coup happened with the acquiescence, if not the complicity, of the totality of the Italian institutions, judicial authorities and political parties, including the so-called “opposition block”. Most of all, our President Sergio Mattarella, the Head of State, whom we Italians entrust as the impartial “Keeper of the Constitution”, has decided to quietly approve any kind of decision made by Draghi’s cabinet, nullifying his role as impartial figurehead. Indeed, the President of the Republic is now openly supporting the climate of reproach and stigmatisation against unvaccinated people in his public speeches. Something that the government has been encouraging for the past two years.
As far as we are concerned, we can’t study, work, and live with serenity, but, despite all the odds, we will keep on fighting for our constitutional rights, freedom of choice and our right to study.
We are standing up for democracy.

source 05/01/2022:

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Student movement TSS gathered in front of the embassy of Italy in Vilnius to express their support and solidarity for students and all people in Italy (IT►LT/EN/ES/IT/NL)
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