“the feeling among population today
is that our president is untouchable and
that he has the licence to do whatever he likes…”

Transcript of the video

I give the floor to my colleague
Francesca Donato from Italy.

– Thank you.
– Thank you, Cristian.

Thanks to everyone
who is listening to us.

I’m here to publicly tell
what the mass media are not telling,

about the very serious and concerning
situation that we are living in Italy.

What’s going on in Italy today
is a true health service collapse.

We are witnessing an increase
of hospitalizations all over the country.

There are rows of ambulances
out of the emergency rooms…

and people left alone in their houses
with no public health assistance…

that arrive to hospitals
when they are to serious to be saved.

And all our hospitals
are so crowded with covid cases,

that they cannot afford to give assistance
to other illnesses or problems.

The failure of the government and its
strategy to stop the spread of Covid-19…

is masked behind a false narrative
and false figures…

about the percentage of vaccinated and
unvaccinated people, hospitalized and deaths.

Two days ago, our President,
Mr. Mario Draghi…

made up a press conference,
where he exposed false figures…

that have been recognized to be false
by the few journals and media,

that are not totally
controlled by the government itself.

The truth is that there is no difference
between vaccinated and unvaccinated people,

regarding their health conditions and
their being weak in front of the covid threat.

Besides that, the government is leading on
a dreadful and awful hate campaign…

against unvaccinated people…

which is fueling a social division,
a deep social division,

that could even lead us
to a true civil war,

whose spillover effect could spread
also to other Member States.

The reason for that is that
there is no effectiveness…

with the measures
that the government has introduced.

The covid certificates have just
increased the infections,

because of the false sense of security
of vaccinated people…

towards the possibility of being infected
and transmit the infections.

So¡, the figures have dramatically increased
and in reaction to that…

the government is continuously
violating human rights…

and all the treaties’ fundamental values,

preventing unvaccinated people
to working or circulating in the country…

and to have the minimum rights…

that in a democracy should
ensured and secured for everybody.

People in this situation are already
managing to run away from Italy.

A minority of citizens, the unvaccinated,
which are a small minority now,

because almost 90% of the Italian
people are fully vaccinated.

This minority is segregated
and persecuted by the government

for just political reasons.

And I wonder how the EU institution
can go on being indifferent to all of that,

when one of the main democracies
and countries of the European Union…

is living this dreadful situation.

I think that no European government can be
exempted from respect of the rule of law.

and that the new Commission
and Council should intervene immediately…

to call for the respect
of the rule of law,

even toward the President of Italy,
Mr Mario Draghi.

Because the feeling among
population today…

is that our president is untouchable and that
he has the licence to do whatever he likes…

to obtain the goal of
disposing all the stocks of vaccines…

already bought in huge amounts,

even if they’re not effective
to their purpose.

My questions today
are the questions people are asking.

Why are so many people
being hospitalized and die,

in spite of the 90% of Italians
being fully vaccinated?

Why the Italian health institute
has not being publishing monthly reports,

since September 2021?

Why people injured by the vaccines

don’t receive any assistance
from the public health service?

And why no compensation is recognized to people
who lost their relatives because of vaccines?

This is a copy of the answer
of the ministry of health…

to a Sicilian citizen who
just presented a compensation claim…

that has been rejected, saying that
vaccines are not mandatory.

But the fact is,
vaccines ARE mandatory,

because of the express mandates,

and because of the vaccine passports,
that have been introduced lately…

and that forbid people
to work and have a salary,

if they do not obey to this order.

Why transparency is not guaranteed
to all of us, to all people?

And why, most of all,
and I conclude…

there is no inquiry no investigation
about the ingredients of these drugs?

Because we see on social media
the circulation of strange theories…

saying that ingredients
of these vaccines…

are something that shouldn’t be there.

The Japanese government found
contamination inside ModeRNA batches…

and there is no inquiry in the EU about
the possible contamination of some batches.

So, we also ask for transparency about this issue,
because public health is really important…

and must be defended
by EU institution, by all means!

Please listen to my call
and help Italian people…

to have proportionate and
respectful measures in Italy too.

– Thank you very much.
– Thank you so much Francesca.

We are going to make your life difficult,
as we are already doing,

because an unvaccinated and who
doesn’t respect the rules is “dangerous“!


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